Happy 40th Birthday to Me!

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Happy 40th Birthday to Me!

Hello fellow Cake Snobs!

Welcome to SpiderMonkey's Dessert Studio. Today is the day I start a new decade and the birth date of our new website. I'm so super excited to have a platform where I can share my journey with you. My goal is to share the best of me with you. I want to share some tips and tricks I've learned along the way. I also want to share some recipes that I have found and fallen in love with. While I'm at it, I'll share some stories of failures and success right here in this blog. 

Right at this very moment I'm "busy" at work at my side gig. I work for the State. After 10 years of working solely for myself, I decided to get a second job. As we know, entrepreneurship doesn't come with benefits build in, so I figured I would put in my time with the State and retire like normal people. If you know me, you know I a far from normal, so we'll see how this works out. 

Most people leave their jobs to go work for themselves. I, however, decided to go to work so I could continue to work for myself. There really is no set formula or straight path to your goals. You just have to be willing to keep fighting for them and be flexible while keeping your focus. Don't you just love it when you watch a "How to Become a Success Like Me" type video, they almost make it seem like they had  some secret formula the whole time that they finally decided to share with the world? There is no formula. They didn't know what they were doing either. They had to wing it just like us and were just stubborn enough to make it. That's the secret. You have to be stubborn enough to believe your crazy idea will work until it does.

We'll talk more about this a little later. Next post I'll start my story all the way from the beginning, like "Once upon a time.."